Jeff Isaak

Jeff who?

Jeff Isaak.

Truth speaker. Garlic grower. Methier. Software developer. Investor. Privacy advocate. Part-time thaumaturge.



Privacy-centric social networking app for Android. Free; no ads; open source; work in progress. Retired.


Personal safety app for Android. Retired.


REST API for generating web page screenshots and thumbnails. Retired.


Missile Command inspired game with circles. And lines. Not a great game, but an amusing diversion. Frequently installed by cricket fans for some reason. Made with Unity. Free; no ads.

Vernam Cipher

One-time-pad encryption for Android. Free; no ads; open source.

Dice Roller

A 3D, physics-based dice roller. Many types and many colours of dice available. Made with Unity. Free; no ads.

Some reviewers have commented that they feel the die rolls aren't as evenly distributed as they could (or should) be. I have started doing some proper testing to evaluate this.

Diceware Password Generator

Generate secure, easy to remember passwords using the Diceware method. Free; no ads; open source.


Clinic management system for Chiropractors, RMTs, and Physiotherapists. Supports booking, billing, patient management, charting, and DICOM imagery cataloguing. Client-server architecture with Windows and Android clients. Retired.


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